Online Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration Overview

Simple, Secure and Personalized

Trademark Questionnaire

You complete our simple trademark registration questionnaire. Your answers are securely transmitted to our expert trademark attorneys.

Personalized Review

Our trademark attorneys review your questionnaire answers and personally follow up with you to complete your USPTO trademark application.

File Trademark Application

Once your application is complete and the documents are signed, we file your application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The Trademark Registration Process

Step-by-step from start to finish

Personalized Review and Search

After you complete our trademark questionnaire and enter your payment information, one of our trademark attorneys will review your information and may contact you via email if there are any questions about the information you entered. The attorney will then perform a search of the U.S Trademark Office database to determine whether your trademark should be registrable. If the search results indicate that your trademark cannot be registered, the attorney will contact you and explain the situation. If based on the attorney’s advice, you tell us not to proceed with the application, we will refund the government fee and $650 of our fee. If the search results are positive, the attorney will not contact you about the search, but will proceed to prepare and file your trademark application.

Search Results and Filed Application

Once the application filing is complete, the attorney will send you an email with the results of the search and confirmation of your filed application, including your application serial number in the Trademark Office. The next time you hear from us will be after we have received notice from the Trademark Office that your application has either been allowed or refused.

Manage Allowance and Refusal Notifications

If your application has been allowed, we will send you an email to notify you of the allowance and explain the next steps. If it has been refused based on a simple matter that we can attend to without your involvement, we will proceed to respond to the refusal.

Application Refusal and Response

If your application is refused due to a substantive problem that requires your attention, we will contact you to explain the situation and provide you an estimate of the costs that may be involved in responding to the refusal. If you choose not to respond to the refusal, your trademark will not be registered and no fees will be refunded.

Trademark Registration Issued

Once your registration issues, we will send you a copy of the registration, we will docket in our system the deadline for the first renewal of your registration, and we will explain the requirements for renewing your registration in the years ahead.

Trademark Search and Registration

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Search & Registration

The total solution for clearing and registering your trademark.
Federal Trademark Search
Attorney Review of Search Results
Draft and File Trademark Application
Respond to Office Actions
Send Trademark Certificate
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