Summaries of Recent IP Law Cases

Luedeka Neely attorneys provide analysis of recent precedential intellectual property law cases for the period of August - September 2022. In re Killian (Fed. Cir. August 23, 2022) - Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC)Appeal from Patent Trial and Appeal...


The Unusual Side of Intellectual Property

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is a treasure trove of clever – and sometimes unintentionally funny – inventions. Here are some interesting compilations of clever and weird mapping ideas from National Geographic and strange ideas for back to school from the...


Tackling Trademark Scams

If you have a registered trademark and you receive a letter or email from a private company asking you to send money to renew your registration – don’t do it! It’s a scam, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is calling out the scammers in a recent blog post...

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight – Nanomechanics, Inc.

One of Luedeka Neely’s clients has become quite successful at thinking small. We mean really small. Nanomechanics, Inc., based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, develops products for evaluating the mechanical performance of materials at the micro- and nano-levels. “Nano”...

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight – Spireon, Inc.

We at Luedeka Neely believe that the success of our clients is an indicator of our success in helping them develop and protect their intellectual property. So, we are always happy to shine a light on our clients’ achievements. We are particularly proud to report...


Luedeka Neely supports local music

Luedeka Neely has been a longtime supporter of the arts in Knoxville and the East Tennessee area. In particular, we are a supporter of a local treasure – radio station WDVX (http://wdvx.com) – which has its broadcast studios based in the Knoxville...

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