We at Luedeka Neely believe that the success of our clients is an indicator of our success in helping them develop and protect their intellectual property. So, we are always happy to shine a light on our clients’ achievements.

We are particularly proud to report that Spireon, Inc. was recently named the IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year as part of the 4th annual 2016 Compass Intelligence Awards. (IoT = Internet of Things). Spireon, and its predecessor companies based in Knoxville, Tennessee, have been Luedeka Neely clients for over 15 years. During that time we have helped Spireon secure many patents and trademarks protecting its core technologies and brands, all related to monitoring and tracking the status and location of various types of mobile assets, such as vehicles and shipping containers. As noted on its website “Spireon, Inc. is the industry’s leading open connected vehicle company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful Big Data insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable assets.”

To learn more about Spireon and the recent Compass Intelligence Award, please visit: http://www.spireon.com/fleet-management-blog/spireon-named-iot-vehicle-telematics-company-year

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