The attorneys of Luedeka Neely are happy to be participating in the Legal Assistance Volunteers for Patent Applicants (“LAVPA”) pro bono program. LAVPA is offered by the Tennessee Bar Association (“TBA”) to match patent attorneys with under-resourced inventors and small businesses to provide pro bono legal services, such as the preparation and filing of patent applications. The LAVPA program partners with and is supported by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).

Luedeka Neely is also proud to be participating on the LAVPA Advisory Council.

The mission of the LAVPA is to (1) educate inventors about the patent process, (2) provide information and resources about economic development, and (3) match under-resourced inventors and small businesses with patent attorneys to provide legal services for free.

As stated in the Executive Summary for the LAVPA program: “For many inventors, their inventions will be patented and marketed which can have a positive impact on their income and the Tennessee economy. An under-resourced inventor or small business gets the benefit of quality legal assistance they would normally not be able to experience which in turn demonstrates the value of the legal community. Patent attorneys get to provide a pro bono service in their field of expertise. The USPTO receives properly filed patent applications reducing the backlog of current applications and reducing abandoned applications resulting in lost patent protection.”

For more information about the LAVPA program, visit the TBA’s website:

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