Luedeka Neely has been a longtime supporter of the arts in Knoxville and the East Tennessee area. In particular, we are a supporter of a local treasure – radio station WDVX ( – which has its broadcast studios based in the Knoxville Visitors Center on Gay St. in downtown Knoxville. WDVX is an independent, listener-supported community public radio station that is all about roots music and the local and regional musicians who are keeping the roots genre vibrant.

Luedeka Neely supports helps local artists copyright their music

If you’re not sure what “roots” music is, take a listen to WDVX at 89.9 FM.

If you want to know more about legal services that Luedeka Neely provides to musicians and others in the music business, check out this recent article posted on WDVX’s blog:

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