Introducing Subtle Clutch (left-right):  Jonathon (mandolin/guitar), Briston (guitar/vocals), Devin (guitar/ukulele/vocals), and Eli (son of Luedeka Neely's President – Bob Fox) (banjo / harmonica / resonator guitar)

The boys, who range in age from 14-15, started playing together in May 2013.  They have already received a lot of local attention and are scheduled to play at numerous local venues.  The boys are working on original music.  Luedeka Neely is assisting in registering their trademark and copyrights. 

Be sure to check out their first original release – RAILROAD, available on Itunes, Amazon and other online music sites. 

For more information, including upcoming appearances, please see their Facebook page ( and this story from Inside of Knoxville:

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